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December 15, 2023


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Croatia, renowned for its stunning landscapes, serves as an enchanting backdrop for your dream wedding – whether envisioning a traditional church ceremony, a beachside celebration, or a luxurious villa affair. Navigating the intricacies of a destination wedding becomes seamless with the expertise of professional planners. In this blog post, we unveil Croatia’s premier wedding planners, each capable of transforming your dreams into an unforgettable reality. From crafting bespoke designs to seamlessly managing logistical details, these planners bring skill and experience to create a truly remarkable wedding experience. Join us on this journey as we introduce you to the top wedding planners in Croatia!

Yes I Du

Yes I Du is a boutique wedding agency specialized in destination weddings. We work throughout Croatia, particularly along the beautiful Adriatic coast including Istria and the historical city of Dubrovnik.

When taking on a project we devote our full attention to our clients, making sure we create a unique experience at every step of the way, which is why we organize a limited number of bespoke weddings each year, making all of them highly personalized.

Explore Yes I Du

2. Adriatic Weddings Croatia: Creating Unforgettable Memories

Create a wedding that dazzles your guests and lingers in their memories. Adriatic Weddings Croatia offers responsive, organized designers and planners dedicated to ensuring your wedding day is unforgettable. Learn more about Adriatic Weddings Croatia.

Croatia wedding planners

3. Promessi Weddings: Eternal Promises and Lasting Memories

Symbolizing eternal promises, Promessi Weddings is committed to creating and cherishing lasting memories. Beyond organizing the perfect wedding in Croatia, they pledge unwavering support, making your special day truly unique and personalized. Discover Promessi Weddings.

De Botanika Weddings | Luka | Croatia Wedding Venues

4. Something Blue Weddings: Antonia’s Unique Blend of Skills

Antonia, the heart of Something Blue Weddings, blends economic skills with creativity, delivering a day to remember. Her organizational prowess and creativity ensure a wedding that reflects your love story perfectly. Explore Something Blue Weddings.

5. Weddings in Croatia: Crafting Spectacular and Unique Experiences

Covering the Croatian coast and inland towns, Weddings in Croatia boasts a passionate team dedicated to crafting spectacular and unique weddings. Their commitment extends to delivering once-in-a-lifetime experiences, exceeding expectations at every turn. Uncover Weddings in Croatia.

De Botanika Weddings | Luka | Croatia Wedding Venues

6. Dukata Weddings & Events: From Passion to Fulfilled Dreams

What started as a passion is now a fulfilled dream for Dukata Weddings & Events. Backed by experience, creativity, and strong relationships with top suppliers, they promise to create a flawless day, allowing you to savor your own love story. Experience Dukata Weddings & Events.

7. Studio Brzak Events: Personalized and Stress-Free Planning in Istria

Nestled in Istria, Studio Brzak Events brings together a close-knit team of expert wedding planners. With over two decades of experience, they offer a personalized, stress-free approach to wedding planning. Discover Studio Brzak Events.

De Botanika Weddings | Luka | Croatia Wedding Venues

8. Flammeum Weddings: Local Knowledge and Memorable Experiences

Founded by Eneja Medica-Viola and Sanela Krizmanić, Flammeum Weddings leads couples through every step of their destination wedding planning. Their local knowledge and experience serve as cornerstones for creating memorable weddings. Explore Flammeum Weddings.

De Botanika Weddings | Luka | Croatia Wedding Venues

9. Serendipity Weddings: Boutique Excellence in Luxury

A boutique wedding planning agency, Serendipity Weddings specializes in intimate luxury weddings. With almost a decade of experience, their dynamic duo is dedicated to providing excellent service and turning dream weddings into reality. Unveil Serendipity Weddings.

De Botanika Weddings | Luka | Croatia Wedding Venues

10. Wedd Studio Ana Milin: Focused on Details for Your Special Day

Focused on the details, Wedd Studio Ana Milin uses an individual approach to plan your special day. From choosing the perfect location to coordinating every aspect of the wedding, they ensure you enjoy the most special day of your life stress-free. Discover Wedd Studio Ana Milin.

11. Lepor Weddings: Craftsmanship Since 2008

Lepor Weddings, a full-service event planning company since 2008, crafts beautifully designed and impeccably executed weddings. Their passion for perfection ensures each wedding is unique, from the first impression to the tiniest detail. Experience Lepor Weddings.

De Botanika Weddings | Luka | Croatia Wedding Venues

Embark on this exploration of top wedding planners in Croatia, each offering a distinct approach to make your wedding day truly extraordinary. Whether it’s a vineyard celebration, a beach ceremony, or a historic Dubrovnik affair, these experts are here to turn your dreams into reality. When you have your wedding planner all you need is a wedding photographer and that is when I step in. So if you have a wedding planner but need a wedding photographer feel free to contact me.